How Real Estate Agents Can Use Advertising Flags To Dominate Their Market

Real estate agents have a lot of competition. You need whatever edge you can get. While the neighbors may not appreciate it if you put a tube man in your client's front yard, advertising flags are a great way of getting attention and a leg up on the competition. 

What are advertising flags?

Advertising flags are custom printed flags used for advertising purposes. They are typically printed on a durable polyester fabric and are waterproof. Most advertising flags are available in sizes from six to eighteen feet tall plus an additional stake that is inserted into the ground. There is also the option to have an interior base for indoor use. 

Are there different types of advertising flags?

There are four main shapes of advertising flags, including:

  • Rectangle. â€‹Rectangle advertising flags are made in a traditional, rectangular shape. They are often used for more formal applications, like high-end houses or upscale cars.
  • Feather. A feather flag loosely resembles a feather with a curved top and base design. You can opt for an interior stand so you can use an advertising flag at a trade show. 
  • Teardrop. As the name implies, teardrop flags are in the shape of a teardrop. They lend themselves to many applications. 
  • Angled. Unlike a teardrop advertising flag, the top and bottom of an angled flag are cut at sharp angles to the body of the flag for a dramatic look. 

Whatever shape you choose, colorful and eye-catching advertising flags can help you attract attention for your client.

How can a real estate agent use advertising flags?

When hosting an open house, real estate agents should forgo the plastic flags reminiscent of a used car lot and draw attention to the open house with custom-made advertising flags. The flags can not only be printed with words announcing the open house, but also with the agent's name, phone number, and professional headshot.

Are advertising flags better attention-getters than a 'For Sale' sign?

All forms of temporary signage attract attention, especially in a residential neighborhood. While custom 'For Sale' signs do attract attention, advertising flags are even better. Not only do they get more attention simply by being taller, but they also catch everyone's eye when they move in the breeze. 

When you need a quick, colorful, and inexpensive way of drawing attention to your listing, open house, or booth at the local fair, advertising flags can get the job done.