Do You Need SEO Marketing? Your Biggest Search Engine Questions Answered Without A Search

There are two camps of marketing out there: the ones that think you need SEO marketing, and the ones that do not think you need SEO marketing. It makes you ask the question, "Do you really need this marketing strategy?" The following should give you the best possible answer without you having to do an internet search for it. 

You Do Need It If Your Business Name Is Not Unique Enough

If your company's name is not unique enough, it could get lost in an internet ocean of similar company/business names and websites. Try as one might, it is not always easy coming up with a unique business name that still has a clear connection to what the company does. As a result, many companies within the same industry have similar names, and all of them want to be at the top of a search engine. Investing in SEO marketing strategies is vital if you want to get your company's/business's name out of the ocean and into the smaller pool at the top of the search engine lists. 

You Do Need It If Your Business, Product, or Service Is Really Unique

Do you know how hard it is to find a brand-new product that is nothing like anything available anywhere? Despite the uniqueness of the product, it is still akin to the proverbial needle in a haystack, especially when it comes to searching for this product online. Similarly, a business or service that is equally that unique is equally that difficult to find unless you have optimized your website for search engine results. 

You May Not Need It If Your Company Is Internationally Well-Known and Your Product/Service Array Is Everywhere

Quick! Think of the most well-known international companies and their products or services. There is a good chance you can name at least three off the top of your head (i.e., both companies and products). They do spend some money on search engine optimization, but they do not really need to do a lot of SEO work because everyone has heard of them or knows of them. When your own company/business gets so big that its name is known around the globe, you might want to focus on other marketing approaches. By then, you should be able to afford more than SEO strategies, which will further propel your business/company upward. Be sure to consult an SEO marketing specialist before you decide to pursue other avenues. 

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