Best Promotional Products For Your Company Retreat Or Workshop

Promotional products and merchandise may be a great incentive for potential attendees at your upcoming event, retreat, or workshop. Giving guests a little something for taking time to come and participate could also serve to motivate and increase attendance at future events too. But which items are best for these affairs?

Some promotional items to purchase and disseminate at your retreat include these suggestions:


Pens are the first choice that comes to mind when thinking about promotional items and merchandise; consider buying executive pens and sets for guests and attendees so that they may use the items proudly long after the retreat has ended. Impress those taking the time to attend with a fine pen that is engraved with your company motif.

Customized fleece throws.

If you are hosting a retreat, particularly an all-day or overnight event, consider giving guests their own customized and personalized fleece throw. These will help keep the chill off, while also displaying your logo in a fun and unique way. There is a wide range of styles and price points, so this doesn't have to be a costly option.

Travel cups.

Encourage attendees at your event to use a customized travel cup that you provide, bearing your logo or motif; this will cut-down on potential spills from cups of coffee or beverages that might be consumed during the event. Plus, these are a popular and appealing choice that many attendees might even consider purchasing to commemorate the occasion.

Recyclable totes.

Recyclable totes are excellent items to give to your retreat guests for convenience when they need to carry papers, documents, or info from the event. These are a great way to display your company logo, and they are quite inexpensive when ordered in bulk. These also are a wonderful gift to share with loyal clients or patrons, too.

Commemorative pins.

Most people taking the time and effort to attend a retreat or work-related event enjoy some memento of the occasion. A commemorative pin is an inexpensive piece of promotional merchandise that will inspire some to start collecting, displaying, and wearing their pins, proudly, to work and future events. Consider the theme of the event and reflect this on the façade of the pin, suitable for both men and women, and add the year for posterity.

Give the attendees and participants at your event a little something to show your appreciation and to commemorate the occasion. Some simple and inexpensive promotional products could also encourage attendance at future events too. Consider these ideas when you are planning your next event.