Using Order Fulfillment Services For Your Enterprise’s Logistics

For any business that sells physical products, managing the inventory and the shipping of its products can represent a major cost for the company both in terms of money as well as the labor that is needed. To reduce these costs, there are many enterprises that are transitioning to using fulfillment services in order to meet these needs.

Are Order Fulfillment And Dropshipping Services The Same?

Some people may not fully appreciate the differences between a dropshipping service and an order fulfillment provider. With a dropshipping service, they will provide the products that are being sold and sent to the customers. However, order fulfillment handles the shipping of products that you have provided to the service. This is the most beneficial for businesses that oversee the manufacturing of the products that they sell.

Is It Difficult To Monitor The Inventory Availability When Using A Fulfillment Service?

Having an accurate count of the products that you have in inventory is essential for the management of any business that sells physical items. When using an order fulfillment service, it may seem as though it will be hard to monitor the products that you have in the service's warehouse, but this is usually not the case. Many order fulfillment services will have online portals that can be used to monitor the inventory count in the warehouse so that you know when you will need to invest in sending more items to the fulfillment service. Depending on the service that you are using, it may take a day or two for these items to be processed and added to the available inventory.

Will Your Items Be Safe When They Are Stored In The Fulfilment Service's Warehouse?

If you are worried about the safety of the items that are being stored in the fulfillment service's warehouse, this is typically not something that you will need to give much thought to. These services are likely to utilize climate control storage facilities so that the risk of moisture or temperature-related damage can be minimized. Furthermore, these warehouses will have extensive security to prevent the items from falling victim to theft. In the rare event that something unfortunate happens to these items, the insurance and bonding of the order fulfillment service should be able to provide you with compensation for the value of the products that may have been lost. This level of protection can be one of the biggest advantages of using these services to handle the shipping of your products to customers.

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