How IP Targeting Software Helps Legal Marijuana And CBD Oil Companies Thrive

As more and more states legalize recreational marijuana and CBD oil, a unique marketplace is opening up. Many of these manufacturers and dealers have to ship directly to their potential customers to get results, which means they may end up marketing on in their nearby area. However, high-quality geotargeting with IP targeting software may help them expand.

Geotargeting Can Transform Many Companies

Geotargeting is the process of using digital marketing tools to identify clients and send them advertisements based on their location. For example, many local businesses use such practices on their websites to see where their visits originated and to see if they are nearby. In this way, they can target only customers who are likely to use their services and provide them with business.

For a company that is selling legal marijuana or CBD oil, this type of marketing concept is smart. If states around them have not legalized these items, geotargeting can help these businesses find customers near them in the state who may not know about their product. However, IP targeting software can take this process one step further and make it possible to reach an even wider base.

How IP Targeting Software Can Help

IP targeting software streamlines geotargeting by identifying the IP address of a potential customer and sending them marketing that may appeal to their specific needs. Often, this type of program can be tweaked to be suitable for many types of different companies. For example, IP targeting software for a legal marijuana or CBD oil provider can focus only on IP addresses in states where such products are legal.

As a result, these companies can expand beyond their limited region and appeal to states that are across the country from them. They can then use this information to target people in these states, showcasing the benefits of their products and potentially expanding their business to these people. Even better, some IP targeting software can even spot IP addresses of friends of these potential customers and use them to market a company even further.

When using this type of software, legal marijuana manufacturers have to make sure that they do not advertise in states where selling this product is not allowed. Thankfully, it is possible to set up restrictions using this type of marketing program. With these barriers in place, it should be impossible to advertise in places that do not allow marijuana or CBD oil to be sold for any purpose.