Addressability, And How Can It Benefit Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Many marketers and advertisers have some familiarity with targeting. Over time, targeted ads have become the de facto way to market online. However, television marketing can also benefit from targeting. When talking about streaming and digital platforms, the term is "addressability." Here's more about addressability and why it's important.

Addressability Starts with Digital Personalization

Personalization is the use of data points to create highly targeted advertising. Using personalization is nothing new to marketers. Still, marketers can learn something new about using personalization for modern television and streaming platforms.

You want to have the ability to make a potential client or customer feel like your ad speaks directly to them. The main issue is that the attention spans of those watching or streaming something can render advertising efforts moot.

Many digital streaming platforms allow people to skip commercials or opt out of ads. Digital personalization allows you to target relevant people who will welcome your advertisements. These are the people who will increase their engagement with your brand, product, or service. Addressability represents an effective and scalable type of digital personalization.

Addressability Offers Time and Relevance Targeting

What makes addressability a more robust form of personalization is its ability to target time and relevance. You want your ads seen by the right people at the right time, and when the ad will have the most relevance to them. This type of targeting can make all the difference for television and streaming marketing.

Addressability offers a high level of engagement. You're targeting your ideal prospect right when that person is most ready to receive your message. Seeing the right ad at the right time will create a one-on-one connection many people appreciate. Some may even feel as if your ad was literally made just for them. In a way, those people would be right.

Addressability Creates New Opportunities as It Grows

The cord-cutting trend continues unabated. People continue to move away from traditional television packages and into streaming services. This change to how people consume entertainment creates new opportunities for brands to find the right audience to market to.

Addressability requires marketers to obtain data from several sources. They must then parse those analytics to figure out how to leverage the data most effectively. A good place to begin this process is with professional addressable digital advertising services.

Consult with an addressable digital advertising agency. The service can help you figure out the best way to use your advertising dollars to make the most of addressability with your streaming marketing campaigns.