Ways To Build Your Financial Planning Business

As a financial planner, you may enjoy helping people to improve their lives through sound financial advice. However, in order to have a successful business, you need to ensure that some of your time is spent on business building and finding new people to help. That can be a challenge, but if you use the two following ideas, you'll be able to expand your reach.

Consult a Social Security Advertising Service

If you're like a lot of financial planners, you might spend a lot of time working on retirement plans. However, people can use financial help throughout their lives. One market you may want to reach is those people who are seeking Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, usually called SSDI or disability insurance. Applying for SSDI can be a challenge for people who don't understand the process, but more than that, having to adjust to life on a fixed income can be difficult. As a financial planner, you can offer your services.

You may not know where to find clients like this, which is why it's a great idea for you to join up with a social security advertising service. Such a service can promote your business through their own networks. That can save you time and bring you business over time.

Write Articles

An easy way for you to reach those who can use your help is to write a series of articles. Where can you put these articles? You can put them on your business website in the form of a blog, or you can contact local papers and magazines which are always looking for original content.

Writing articles accomplishes a few things. First, it allows you to show people your knowledge and experience with a topic that they might be dealing with. Your articles will also give those people somewhere to turn, as each article should be accompanied by your byline and contact information. Lastly, even if someone doesn't need a financial planner today, when they do need one, they will be familiar with your name and may be likely to contact you.

Now that you've got tasks you can do to help your financial planning business, it's time to get started. The tips above can give you a headstart on finding more clients that you can help with your financial planning business. Be sure to talk with others in your industry and in your professional organizations; they can give you more suggestions you might be able to use.