5 Must-Try Mexican Foods

When you are looking for the best local restaurants in your area, you shouldn't gloss over any traditional Mexican restaurants. Although you might have had delicious Tex-Mex food before, you should give an authentic Mexican restaurant a try. There are a number of dishes that you must try at an authentic Mexican restaurant. 


Huaraches start with a long oblong masa dough that is deep fried for a thick delicious base. They are then topped with meat, cilantro, cheese, salsa and queso fresco. It gets its name due to the fact that the dough is shaped like the sandals that bear the same name. These are a popular item for lunch or even for a quick snack. 


Chilaquiles are a delectable dish that can be served for breakfast lunch or dinner. It starts with corn tortillas that are cut into quarter size bites and then lightly fried. Salsa or mole is then poured over the top of the corn tortilla and simmered until the tortilla starts to get softer. It is then topped with cream, cheese and avocados. It typically comes with the side dishes of refried beans and scrambled eggs. 


Empanadas are small, stuffed shells that are brimming with flavor. They start with either a corn or flour base, and the shell is then packed full of cheese and meat. The empanadas are then fried up and ready to serve, typically with salsa on top. If you have a sweet tooth, look out for dessert empanadas that are stuffed to the brim with sweet fillings rather than savory. 


Mole is a family of sauces that can grace your Mexican food; often, the dish will have the name mole in it so you know that you are getting mole sauce with your plate. Mole sauces can be a number of different colors and flavors, but all have the base of a chili pepper. The most common type of mole is called mole poblano and is a dark brown color. Mole sometimes incorporates cacao beans, giving it a rich flavor and color. 


Tamales start with a base of a corn dough and are then stuffed with anything ranging from meat and cheeses to vegetables. After they have been filled, they are wrapped up into a banana leaf where they are then steamed until they are cooked to perfection. To eat, peel off the banana leaf and dig in! 

The next time you are looking for a place to eat out, try an authentic Mexican restaurant and be sure to order one of these must-try dishes!